Monday, September 09, 2002


this morning darling woke up early to go on his ward rounds... i'm a little worried about his schedule, being prematurely the long hours that are expected of a trainee doctor... minus the high tension levels for now... but anyway... so he woke up........ and then i tried to go back to sleep but i obviously failed, as i'm typing this blog so nice and shiny bright in the early morn with the sun in my eyes...

the stress and tension levels in my case are building up..... which is why i could not go back to sleep although i'm yawning like an addict on cold turkey.
now i am testing my data... for the data that is ready... there are 5 countries to go..... i only managed to complete the data for one country... shit i'm in a mess ;p

anyway... i guess grumbling about it here does not help to make my work less or more complete :P altho i wish it would!!

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