Friday, April 30, 2010

At Random

i noticed that of my peers at work
i'm the most random person around
sometimes my opinions and actions raise some stiff eyebrows

amongst my pals
i'm still pretty random
although some of them out-random me

i like this random-ness
its more fun than staid and boring and plain
random-ness is good-ness

except at work
then i have to be staid and boring and plain
except sometimes...
i can't help myself
and then some randomness shows up
and everyone is shocked
sometimes culturally shocked
but secretly..
i'm sure they enjoy those random moments
cos it gives everyone something new to talk about
that's probably why they still keep me around ;)

the answer to one of those perennial questions..
what would you do if the world was perfect/you have tons of money?
indulge in random acts of insanity
ooooh yeahhhhh

in other news
my brain has latched on to the word
or rather words
Hypocriscy, hypocrite, hypocrism (it goes on but you get the flavour)
and as the brain twirls the concept around

i figure..
it is very hard to avoid being a hypocrite at some point in life..
simply because, the human will rationalise everything s/he does
because obviously they did it cos they wanted to
but then when they are on the opposite side of the mirror,
may rationally feel entirely different

deep deep randomness

ok.. back to gathering moolahs for my random travel plans

Saturday, April 10, 2010

bucket list

it seems its good to have one
so you feel good crossing out each one
so in my random fashion
i'm randomly making one
and in usual fashion
i also have to put it somewhere
so that when i forget i can be reminded i actually have a list
although.. i never look into my archived posts...
oh well
its the thought that counts right?
not ranked in any order of importance
1) watch the 2014 world cup, brazil in brazil
2) put my travel and foodie thoughts somewhere public
3) get a clinical psych degree
ok stuck..
not sure whatelse
*thinks hard*

what if?

what if the person you screwed over today
becomes a someone tommorrow?
what if the person you flipped off today
becomes famous tommorrow?
what if the person you gave 'kind words' to today
held the key to your promotion tomorrow?
people fail to remember these things in the heat of their own importance
i think though,
we will remember these persons
because we were already were someone the day we were born
and i quote the hot dude

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


me thinks me issa very brave gal
me is a brave gal indeed me thinks because
me walked to the nearest shopping mall
against local's advice me is walks
15 minutes walk is the walks
me is scared shitless durings the walks
me is makes it past some dodgy under the bridge action
me is makes it past some dodgy street bus touters
me is makes it past some dodgy hooded man in hood who starts tailing me
but me is makes it there alives
me issa been lousai (no other way to describe this in its full glory)
(translates to diarhea)
for past 1.5 weeks
and countings
but me issa continues to eats local diets
because there's not much choice...
buts me issa continues to eats here
me issa also sleeps in taxi here
against local advice.. again
because me issa unable to stay awake in moving vehicle
but me is makes it alive to destinations many many
so... conclusion..
me thinks me issa very brave gal
its that or me is quite foolhardy :P

Sunday, March 28, 2010


to tweet or not to tweet
that is a question..
after unsucessfully not getting into the girl's twitter
(y la deeeeee)
and finding that status updates in FB are just not sufficiently satisfying
(don't want to be one of those mad FBers updating status every freakin minute)
and finding that i'm not very good at putting one liner thoughts in my blog
(you wouldn't want that either)
and that i forget my one line updates within the next 5 minutes anyway
(masterpieces all gone to pot i tell you)
i seriously considered twitter for 2 minutes
i even went to the site and tried to sign up
i clicked on the sign up thingy
and waited
for 1 minute
sorry, the site never open fast enough
and then i decided..
nah..i don't really want yet another mundane account to put my random boring thoughts in
click on the "X" sign
end of twitter story for me.
my current thought is
man... i'm bored...
you don't really want me to twitter either =D
maybe i'll try a twitteresque posting style for the day
just to annoy the heck out of everyone
*thunder and lightning and hailstones in the tropical forest*

Saturday, March 27, 2010


so we're rushing about like mad bunnies
headless chickens more like perhaps
all up in the 10th floor of one of the tallest buildings in the vicinity
all up to the 12th floor
there's a glass wall separating our madness from the outside
its a vista of village houses
coconut trees
fruit trees
a pond here
a pool there
people travelling about on foot
people travelling about on motobikes
in the horizon are the towers of the city
we're mad headless chickens with jobs
outside people are walking about at a leisurely pace
someone is even flying a kite
given what i've eaten in the vicinity..
and given what i've been told
these people are probably not getting very fresh produce as they would eat everything
and keep anything that couldn't be finished for the next day
and the day after
if they could
but yet...
a job versus a kite...
and they get by
makes you wonder what you need a freakin job for...

Monday, March 15, 2010

if i had twitter

it would have looked like this

Great ramen
Now onto the cab
Dam cops around
Ran to busstop and stopped a cab
Woohoo on the way now hopefully i don t miss the race start
Cab pulls in to our home pretty quick
Keys quick!

Repeat fuck for 20 mins while i shower in attempt to cool down
Repeat fuck for 10 mins while i speak to my gf on the phone
Intermittent flashes of mom reminding me to close one eye
No sportsbar nearby
Why don t people ave enough braincells to understand the word live tv?!
Don t call yourself english teacher if you on tunderstand the meaning of two simple words
Fuck repeat fuck 100 times
I m not even asking for a whole brain
Bloody cheek telling me to record my live show while fuckface watches recorded shows
Thank god for BBC live text commentary
Its lame but easing the pain
I feel like hurling my phone against the wall
I think it would give me great pleasure to see it smash to pieces
Repeat fuck for entire race

Its a ferrari 1-2
Only on the opening race of the season
I mean first race only mah
With the first comeback race of my hero only mah
Thanks schmucking fuck
I just missed all that live

And that s why..
Its probably good that i don t twitter
Repeat fuck for an hour

Sunday, March 14, 2010

high volatility

fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUKFUCKUCKITYFUCKINGFUKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKING SHMUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK!


Damn i swear i haven t been so mad in a fucking long time

Fucking schmuck!!!!!!!!!FUCKFUCKFUCK!