Monday, April 28, 2003


have a sudden attack of insomnia last nite...
now i look like i got attacked by avril lavigne and her eyeshadow

so wut does one do when one has sudden attacks of insomnia?
well.. i figured we have three choices:
1. meditate
2. count sheep
3. make up boring stories

so i chose 3...
and this is the story i taught up, based on my fave writer, james clavell's Tai-pan

there was a man called Dirk Struan
he's scottish
he had black hair and green eyes
he was the pirate captain of a chinese pirate junk ship (you know the ones with flapping bamboo sails)
he sailed the waters of Hong Kong
he had a white curly wig over his black hair
and a nice large black captain's hat over his white curly wig

he has a cartoon type body..
u noe... the broad pointy shoulders
super slim waist and hips
so he was very triangle shaped

although he was a pirate, he never really robbed any ships...
he just stood at the helm of his ship
however the guy needed to eat rite
so he started a business on the coast of hong kong
and traded stuff
he started off with the rags from his sail
then graduated to bolts of cloth
then he got his first bag of spices
and soon after that, his first bag of tea..
all from the british india company.. of course
then.... then....z....zzzzzzzzzz.....

if anyone read thru the entire thing.. WOW!
you must be seriously bored huh?

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