Saturday, May 17, 2003

cold virus

how do you tell the difference between the SARs virus and a normal fucked up cold virus?
i don't know... i don't carry a portable x-ray machine around so how the hell should i know

i know tho..
that i've got a frigging cold :P
my dad's friend got it
then my dad got it
now i've got it
and i'm considering the 'friend' a fiend at the moment

i'm in the middle of a class
i'm also pissed like hell over this cold
( i'm a very irritable 'cold' person when i'm down with flu)

looking back at my blogs
i find it reflects me as a person quite well...
its very eclectic ..
i don't yabber on about one thing continuosly
i whine quite alot
its a bit bitchy
well.. so i'm a mega bitch..

yeah well.. i've got a cold so too bad if you don't like it!

nuff bitching :P

i've finished reading frank McCourt's 'tis
i know now what it was that made his writing style different.
he has a satiric style ala charles dicken's 'oliver'
but his is a true story and not meant to mean much politically unlike dicken's stuff
the thing about his writing is..
well.. he's much like tom cruise..

it has been said that people who interview tom cruise find them becoming like best friends
but tom never invites them to his house
same goes for dear old McCourt
you start reading the book
which is about the man's life story
you think you know the fellow quite intimately
when you close the book you realise that you know jack about this guy
yeah.. you know his life story.. do you know who he is?
like dear old handsome tom.. he never invites you to his house.

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