Monday, May 12, 2003

flying pens

rite... have just determined that i have not lost aiming skills
had just managed to propel a pen across the room at a student.
let's say i hit the bull's eye...

have gone to see prof at his summoning...
i tell you... darling will testify that even he cannot summon me like that! haha!
its was ok.. just a veritable experience of getting more work for the same pay :P

have left one detestable bit.. :P to complete secret mission...

right.. am now halfway through my day...
need sleep ... need mucho mucho sleep

also need to be reunited with my book of the moment...
'tis by frank McCourt
its a new style i haven't come acrross before..
highly interesting
am always interested in new wrting styles...
its not a book that complains about his terrible childhood.
its not quite a complaint about dissapointed expectations..
trying to put my finger on it..
its lovely to read

hmm.... there was sumtingelse i wanted to blog about..
but i forgot what it was :P
must be ealry signs of alzheimers...
have no brainclees left to remember much :P
i often forget whati want to say also..
darling is my witness and my reminder

*wanders off in search of my memory*

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