Tuesday, June 03, 2003

a constant stream

rite.. following the mighty fantabulous discoveries of my students that yes i actually exist...
there has been a constant stream of them marching thru my office :P
i'm tired from their qs.. yet i still have work to do..
yes.. i'm a grumbling grouse...
so smack me :P

went online..
i saw...
Jewel's intuition
the androids.. do it like maddonna

let's say ... wow.. the lady is hot
and the android vid is very funny :D

normal ppl who go see doctors expect an answer correct?
my darling is not normal..
normal people who see doctors and don't get answers would usually go balistic...
not my darling...
normal ppl who see doctors who tell them "i don't know wuts wrong with them but pls take this huge ass sack of painkillers and that should solve the problem" would think of shooting the so-called dr in front of them and get a devil honcho of a lawyer to sue the Dr's corpse...
not my dearest...
no no my fellow humans...
my darling is a superhuman...
he will never get sick, never (even though he's coughing like he got lung infections)
he will never feel pain, ever (even though his toes swell and turn black)
he will never feel ill, no no not him (even though there is a strange feeling.. is that pain?.. in his foot when he wakes up in the mornings)
no no my dear fellow humanoids... he's superhuman
so he'll haul that sack of painkillers.. dope himself on them
and haul his fat ass around as usual..

i can't wait to get there to stamp on his smelly gangrenous toes,
kick his fat ass,
and sue his doctor..
on his behalf..
just as any other normal gf would do..
of course

*mutters to herself a stream of expletives concerning her darling*

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