Friday, July 18, 2003


today went walking to find a tape recorder...
instead found a big big bargain steal...
the first four harry potter books in a nice plastic wrapped set..
30 dollars for the whole thing..
29.90 for the latest harry potter.. the phoenix one
so that works out to 59.90 for the all of the 5 potter books

walked home feeling funny...
either i was cheated somehow or had cheated the shop keeper..
nevermind.. it was still a good buy.
fantastic even! :)
*victory sign*

checked the news online...
thanks very much the Star newspaper
*sarcastic tone* you really made my day
just because some people may have finished reading the book
it doesn't mean Others were rich enough to buy the (almost RM 90) book when it came out and read the book at the same time as you
not to mention the book has been out for only a Short period of time.. not even 2 months..

i would've thought some people would have a bit of sensitivity
especially a paper with a tagline
'the PEOPLE's paper'
excuse me for thinking that meant... All people
as opposed to a select few

sorry pplz.. usually the (so called) people's paper is my fave paper..
but not today for nicely spoiling my fun

for those of you who still haven't read the book
and are someone's waiting list to borrow the book (as i was)
here's some safe news from others who have a heart

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