Monday, September 22, 2003

all it takes

i know ya'll big fans of the stories of the bitch and beyond,
that seems to explain why my number of visitors are increasing
altho of course, its also thanks to ppl like Chern and lexie
who've found this stuff worthy of being recommended for reading to others

BUT i'm sick of him (the bitch),
his globule of meat that rolls around downstairs,
and the other globules of guck that comes with that main globule

yes, guCk, not guNk,
guNk is identifiable slime,
guCk is just gross

i'm sick of him,
so sick,
i can't bear to even sit in the same side of the bean bag that i know he sat on,
so i've been turning the bean bag,
yes, i know, its a psychological thing
but still,
it pleases me to know i'm not plonking my butt
where he plonked his meat globule (and other globules) before

so sick,
i don't even want to think about him,
in my mind,
its gonna be like, what glob of meat are you talking about?

well, at least until my so called 'mid sem' hols are over
i'm on hol,
hol supposed to be for less stress,
not add stress

yup, agree means, he dun exist,
at least for the hols
so that probably means no stories
of the-one-who-does-not-exist-at-least-for-the-hols
sorry to dissapoint ya'll ardent fans of the bitch and beyond series
but its still hols at the moment

that took a long route to get to,
dah says i very 'cheong hei'
i'm sure his brilliancy will be able to put all that erm..1,2,..
however many paras into two words,
heck, i'm sure dah can even say the last sentence in one word,
or rather....

it would probably sound like a grunt

i smacked my head just now,
dah said, WAH! don't hit yourself so hard!
but i didn't hit myself hard,
its just that it made a loud sound,
a loud hollow sound,
so that probably means my brain has taken a hike

that means i'm all ready and set for my hols

so now that i'm on hol,
what am i gonna do?
good question....
*looks around the room*

dah is on the bed reading,
in a very sexy pose i must say,

i can hear it calling me...

i cannot resist,
i must heed it's call

dah's butt is on the bed,
the bed....
yummilicious looking bed...

the bed very warm from dah's body heat liao,
nothing beats a nice warm bed on a cold night

me off to spend my hols in bed doing my fave pastime


*the girl is officially on holidays*

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