Wednesday, October 29, 2003

currently listening

ah mei: high high high

which is not how i feel at the moment


one word


i could almost swear that was 2 words

actually it is... 2 words

ASS-ignment + ASS-am

ok.. so that 2 words plus a numberical operator

wah.. so smart

*rolls eyes*

*hopes they ask me what is 1+1*

nice nice housemate is so sweet
he said to me
and i quote

'if you don't want to cook just tell me and we can go out and eat cos you got exam and all'

awwwww how considerate

not like stupid bitch only know these words
"u're cooking right?"

but then in all fairness...
the stupid bitch has also been behaving himself lately...
why ah?
could it be because he's at his rural posting and not around here???????
*evil smirk*
i'm seriously enjoying it loh that he's not here
but of course, if only my dah oso didn't kena the stupid rural posting :P
then it would be PERFECT
perfecto muchos muchos amores me amigos
but we all know life isn't perfect so..

but then nice nice housemate oso said to me today
"emergency.. need ur help... please clean the house please please please?"
why he say that?
"my mother just called, and she's taking the flight tomoro to come here"

*drops bags and starts vacumming with feet and wiping table with hands*

now the house looks so clean,
i've actually not seen it this clean since we first moved in
so that's
DAMN COW F*#()$)#(%(*#* clean loh!!!

broke a nail
ciplak :P

at least i get to tag along tomoro nite for free dinner

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