Saturday, November 15, 2003


me: cowpoke you cause me too much pain
it: too bad for you HA HA
me: you're seriously a bitch.. and you are bad at being a bitch.. you are a lousy bitch
it: call me what you want, i'll still make your life miserable
me: you are a piece of shit you know that rite?
it: (sticks out tongue)

that is the conversation excerpt between me and my notes today

why did that happen?
no... not nuts
mm... heat stroke?
no.. the heat wasn't hot enough to burn up my notes

me: oh mi gawd! we haven't met in like 5 years!! GEEZ how are you
it: GREAT!!! *hugs* oh mi gawd, but don't tell XXX this, but like it was like her XXX was such an XXX

that is an excerpt from a conversation between me and an old friend i hadn't met in 5 years..
scary friends i have don't i?

me: OI
nice housemate: ...
me: OI!
nice housemate: ...
me: *inspects housemate*
nice housemate is in horizontal position
me: OI!!! *prods with toe tip*
nice housemate: ...
me: are you ok? *inspects closer*
nice housemate is drenched in sweat
me: *prods again with toe tip*
nice housemate: ...
me: *inspects more*
nice housemate eye's are closed
nice housemate: i'm dying of heatstroke

me says? too bad my damn notes is not suffering the same!

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