Friday, November 07, 2003

post exam eye bags

that's one exam down
2 more to go

the paper wasn't too bad
altho it was too long
left out the last qs that was worth 16 marks from the whole paper
but then a quick check told me that my frens oso couldn't finish

the pissing off part was that
1) the paper was too long
2) the paper was too long
3) my hand writing wouldn't coordinate
4) the paper was too long
5) the fucking exam script giver out person was a bitch
6) the paper was too long

oh.. the exam script giver out person?

oh... she was a bitch

i had 5 mins left
i had the answer to a 4 mark qs in my head
i knew i could write it out in 5 mins
but i had run out of space in my answer booklet
so i put up my hand for another one
and the stupid bitch wouldn't give me the extra booklet!!!

yes.. together now... WHAT THE?

gucking bitch
yes.. new word.. gucking
amazing hey?

anyway... what's her prob man?!
and no.. there is no limit on the number or exam answer booklets you can have
cos some ppl write real big u know...
and of course there are those annoying ones who can also write real alot a lot alot loh....

and so this bitch.. i dunno what is her prob...
maybe she's too stupid to be able t write out some 4 mark answer in 5 mins
but fuck her la...
I can and its my exam and my marks
and what is she a conservationist gone wrong???????

i try to be an enviromental conservaton person too ...
but i would NEVER refuse a poor little student trying to get that extra mark to get into the upper grades a FEW PUNY PIDDLING PIECES OF PAPER!!!!!!!
fuck her for screwing up my answer cos i was so shocked
and fuck her double upside down for not giving me the booklet and wasting my time
and fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck her fucking fuck for causing me to have to waste time trying to get the booklet

in the end i wrote in the script
(was not given extra booklet)
and wrote out my answer
but of course had wasted so much time i could only get one point out
so fuck the fucking bitch

and the paper was too long

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