Monday, January 26, 2004

of girls and boys... yes... AGAIN :P

this entry has been removed as it has been deemed insulting

i would like to clear the air though,
that boo thought the incident was weird
but i tot it was fine
and was trying to say in my blog
1) i wish i had the guts to do the same
2) i wish the guys won't be so selfish
3) i wish our partners would extend sincere invitations as i really get irritated with those 'formality' sort invitations

and it was not in any way mocking
in fact it was meant to be admiring

(written on saturday 24 jan 2004)
but was unable to post it due to lousy internet service
provided by TMnet!

(redone feb 02 2004)
i tell you i have no tact in the least bit.. as proven by the blog here before :p

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