Friday, February 20, 2004

new addition to house

2 new additions actually
2 new temporary additions

so things are getting fun over here
more happnin if you wish

and lucky me
just coming out of my feverish state
of rashes and sore throats and muscle aches

and lucky them
i'm also just emerging (slowly)
from my hermity shell
and beginning to think of who to call upon
for that wonderful shopping spree,
lunch and dinner

so the new additions
one pushed a tube thru his earlobe
and is married to the balcony it seems (smoking)
the other just arrived today
so shall not comment much on that
'cept to say
that one seems married to the toilet
is she

but both appear to be nice people
and so.. ok la...
just note to self
next time brush teeth earlier b4 anyone gets into toilet!!
and i hope she discovers the gigantic mirrored wall in the room she staying in
which also doubles as mirror for putting on of face creams etc as to not have to be married to toilet

.. ok
so i don't like to have to wait ages (2 hrs) to brush teeth (2 mins)
but she's nice
so am being a whiner
but i just got better from fever only woh...
not half a day woh...

i think i have rite to winge
after being so sick for ages! :P

they are nice ppl
i mean.. come on man!
the dude he pushed this half cm (diameter) tube thru his earlobe
using brute force!
so how cool must he be?
well.. ok..
so the bald head
and the tubular lobes are cool
but he's quite cool too..
got character as dah says about the car we got

and she?
well.. just arrived today you see
but seems nice anyway
she's the nice housemate's girly
so she has to be nice
simple logic rite?

so anyway
the car
fren left the car with us while she's on holidays
and the car?
sure got character man!
that wan... dah said wan
its red
its got ants in it
and came with an oliy windscreen
inside and out
AND it starts when it wants to only
ooo.. don't you try ignoring it
u turn it off for a while to pump gas?
it will ignore you and refooooose to start up again for a while after that
cos... you know..
how dare you ignore the car for like 1 minute?!?
the aircon
it damn got climate control wan i tell you..
when its hot
it oso blows hot air
i mean... REALLY HOT air
when its cold
it will also blow cold air
i mean... REALLY COLD air
now that's character or what?

talking about characters
i oso quite one character
blogging in the middle of the bloomin nite!
ok.. so go off to sleep you all!
see ya in zzzzzzzzz land!!

*totters off to sleep*

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