Tuesday, October 19, 2004

which road?

sometimes its hard to take the high road
sometimes a dead cat stinks
and a dead cat is hard to swallow

most times,
if it helps others and does not affect me too much
i don't mind

sometimes its hard to see the high road
sometimes there could be more than one good road
with different outcomes

this road was hard to take
that cat stank like hell
normally i would not take this road
but yet others forced my hand
perhaps this road is not entirely my choice
but perhaps it is not entirely a bad thing
just a diffferent outcome

i like good friends
in fact i love my friends
they love me back
they know i would go very far for them
and i know alot of them would do the same
that's why i love them

but then again
they also know me well enough to know one thing that i have always adhered to
at least so far,
until something special happens
i'm always open to possibilities,
but that hasn't happened yet,
so until now..
there is no return
not even for the one who thought she was immune

did the last two lines make any sense?

if you know the one thing i hate the most
and if you also know the thing i hate almost as much as that
that is,
if you know me well enough,
it would.

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