Wednesday, November 24, 2004

chasing the papers.. again?

you read right..
but this time in a different way
this time i'm chasing my darn certificate
which the uni supposedly sent to me
but i never received
and now they tell me i have to pay 104 frig@)$)(@&%ing bucks for it
and dun ask me why that is in blue and underlined
i cannot be bothered to fix it up :P

what do they think i am?
money tree?
money-less cow more like i am :P

anyway 104 fucking dollars is alot of money for a stupid piece of paper
ESPECIALLY when i did NOT ever get hte first one which they claim I lost!
fuck them fuck their asses fuck their fucking fucks fuckers
nin nabeh! :P
nia boh
104.. think i wat... damn rich ke?!

in other news
i have a cold virus running rampant in me
but people try to tell me i am having hayfever

i could well be having hayfever
but fuck it
i have had colds since in was born..
well a little after i was born
i sure as hell can recognise when one of the various strains of the flu viruses in me are running rampant

but then again
i could well be having hayfever on top of the virus induced crap
i call it the

so now u see why i am highly irritable these days
did i mention the pms?

hayflu mixed with a little pms anyone?

fucking104 fucking dollars

*mutters to herself into the sunset*
*and bumps into tony leung*
heh heh heh

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