Sunday, November 14, 2004

class is out!

the last of my tuition series.

i hope...
i think la...
they said they finishing exams soon...

but still...
my phone went..
beep beep
sms..question from a studentso tonight we'll have a phone consultation
*rolls eyes*

i need a break man..
but well...for the students..
for that one extra mark..
someone give me more caffeine!!!!!!!

i've cut down work days on the other job
so i only need to wok two days a week this coming week on :P
goody goody
me sleepy sleepy from the time the sun sets to the time the sun sets
i love this sleeping shit
nice nice nice!

dah bot me a new book yesterday :D
i love my book
its called,"empress orchid" by anchee min

ok..i wanted to read the book..but still..
i love dah
i love pressies
i love dah's pressies!
so simple..

the problem is..i'm almost finishing the book...AAAARRGHHH
need to pace pace...slow down and finish the book slower...


in other developments
nice housemate took us out for lunch today
after which we went to a vietnamese grocery shop
i bought some nice layered kuih and as i was paying for my kuih..
the fella comes hopping up to me at the counter like a little kid
"can i get this oso?"
he then holds out a large bucket of ten ten jelly..
(its a brand of jelly la!)
i say ok
he starts giggling like a kid whose mama just got conned into buying him more candy

the power of our childhood foods/candies/tricks

ten ten jelly..for the neglected, starved, unintelligent amongst us
is jelly that comes in a little container
looks like a bucket,
about 3 cm across, 3 and a half cm depth
you peel open the plastic covering
and then lick off juices that come up
then slurp up the jelly from the container
then you chuck the container any which way catches your fancy and take another jelly should really chuck it into the rubbish bin..
my civic duty for the day
har har har

din't i say someone bring me caffeine quick?

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