Tuesday, December 28, 2004

strange christmas

what a strange holiday
having re-intro anxiety is one thing
having christmas at the same time is another thing

then a tsunami had to strike
of all the weird..

well what to do?
there's a fund set up for those in the way of monetary inclinations
churches/temples/mosques/other places of worship for those in the way of religious inclinations
various charitable organisations for those (like me) who don't believe in giving money but rather getting the items needed
various charitable organisations for those who rather put in the effort

by the way..
has anyone thought of a 'gotong royong' i.e. a cooperative effort
to start cleaning up the mess rather than leaving it all to the government?

yuschenko won..
merry is his christmas
i just hope it wasn't him who poisoned himself as a part of some victory ploy

i would put in links to the various keywords
'cept i'm on holiday
a LAZY holiday
before i start work (boo hoo!)
and anyway most links can be found on

www.thestar.com.my (there is a fund there)
www.cnn.com (on yuschenko and the tsunami)
www.google.com (use keywords such as "mercy malaysia", church/temple/mosque/other religious places of worship)

so get off your own lazy butts.. err.. fat fingers..
and go find it urself

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