Friday, February 28, 2003

the meaning of amour, amore, LOVE...

well............... i suupose it could be defined in terms of the OH-MY-GAWD!-JAW-DROPPING oh so handsome lecturer i met this morning.. and who i'll be working with for 4 months!! (WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)... he's charming, cute, courteous, intelligent... extremely good to look at, Married, with a beautiful daughter... Aiyak!
ok la... the man was damn nice to look at, but he's oso very very much in love with his wife... whom i presume is chinese and she hails from johor... (so darling no need to worry ;) ..
once he got started on the 2 ladies of his life he couldn't seem to stop... so .. ok... that could be another definition of love...

but the other day.. in another of my signature, deep comtemplative, soul searching, getting in touch with the secret of life modes... i came to the conclusion... love is

Someone who you can share pain with, who wants to share your pain,
who can bring comfort into dark pits and patches you fall, are falling or have fallen into,
who may not erase, nasty painful memories, but makes them easier to bear,
who you think about in the first instance that you are happy,
whom you want to share your happy moments with,
who you think about in the instances that you are sad,
who can bring you to a smile again.

Someone who knows right away what you are feeling just by the sound of your voice,
who you would always like to see happy, smiling,
who you would do anything to make them happy and smile,
who you may nag and scold and you get frustrated about when they are doing stupid things,
who you would wish all pain away from,
who can break your heart if a tear fell from their eyes,
who you would do anything to be with.

Someone who accepts all that you are, your past, present and future,
who you love past present and future,
Someone who takes care of you when you cry, frown or fall ill
who you would take care of just as well if not better when they cry, frown or fall ill,
Someone who wishes all the best things in life were available to them to give to you,
who you would return these best things in life to,
To him, who understands of what I speak of, whether my speech is broken, stuttering or whole,
This is for you, you fill my world with colors, and make my life worth living.

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