Thursday, March 27, 2003

Your animal sign is Monkey

Your year name is Ken Shen

The delightful Monkey lady.

Unusual, broadminded, sociable, friendly, amusing, entertaining, bright, smooth, you are extremely generous and a nosy parker. However, you are not a spiteful in your tittle-tattle, just someone who has opinions about everyone and everything under the sun. You are loyal to your friends, and seldom joking at others expense. Unmanageable and unsystematic, you are not a schedule-keeper. Though crafty, you are unable to plan stratagems and depend on others to carry that out for you. If your independence were threatened, you’d simply disappear. Your memory power is incredible and you are careful in your work. And when you fall, you’ll know how to get up on your own feet.
The metal female Monkey.

Tough, spirited, aggressive, crafty, shrewd, outgoing, you love to travel. However, you do have a touch of depression occasionally and easily feel miserable over your circumstances.

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