Monday, April 21, 2003


rite.. jut came back from a staff induction thingy..
basically that's a fancy name for a looooooooooong series of speeches that tell you aallll about the lovely things they do for you as staf
yada yada...
but then again there were some interesting things... so its not that bad..
just that looong speeches can get a bit draggy
and for a perpetual bum like me, its hard to stay awake :P

this just in,
i keep getting sms-es from some misguided soul..
either s/he got the wrong number and doesn't realise it
Or s/he has tons of money to donate to the telcos
sent me an sms on SARs.. you noe, the killer cold thing which is very infectios..
in Hong Kong, it "takes your breath away"
so this sms has good advice on how to prevent SARs
apparently, we've run out of face masks,
so now we have to make our own
How? just cut out your bra cup and wear..
one bra serves two ppl...

*smirks* i have yet to see some guy walking around with a bra on his face

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