Tuesday, April 22, 2003


a stupid mosquito bit me on my ankle
now my ankle is itching like nobody's business..
damn mosquitoes!

this parakol stuff is real power in a tablet i tell you
the first time i took it and tried to go to sleep,
i had a fitful nite,
but the consolation was that i dreamt that tom cruise...
YES The Tom Cruise bought me some ice-cream for saving his daughter's life...
what can i say? celebs can be stingy?

last night i had to take another tablet,
once again i had trouble falling asleep
but this time the dream got better
i actually went on a date with some big time cute hunk of a celeb..
who was it... can't remember who it was for my life!
but, it was good while i remembered HAHA!

not that i'm some kind of star chaser or anything like that,
i normally only get visited by nightmares at nite,
these two dreams are two of the only two times i actually dreamt of celebs...
parakol has a nice effect on my subconcious.. what else could i say about it?

as a small time celeb (in a way)... perhaps i should say, erm... small time known face?
i personally hate it,
not to be hoity toity or anything,
but i don't enjoy the recognition,
i'd rather remain anonymous :P

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