Wednesday, April 23, 2003


am supposed to be marking assignments..
is supposed to be a very powerful position to mark assignments...
is dream job to be able to torture students with low grades given by self...
yet.. its taking me waaaaaay longer than expected to actually mark these assignments..
have absolutely zilch interest in marking assignments.. not to mention zilch enthusiasm..

this thing is taking longer than planned...
i was supposed to finish marking by yesterday...
its taking me about an hour to mark one stupid qs for one student...
thats' just toooooo long...

y am i taking so long?
*grins* heh heh
am surfing the net for mp3s....
anyone noes where to get avril lavigne mp3s?

list of artistes that i'm searching mp3s for
emil chow
vicky zhao
avril lavigne
enrique iglesias
edith piaf
stephanie sun
celine dion
matchbox 20
vannessa carlton
champras saewataporn
and a smattering of others

anyone got a good site?

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