Tuesday, May 06, 2003

FINALLY i can get in this damn thing!

forgive me if my 'french' offends..
am most mucho muchos pissed...
am shocked at the audacity of some...
am sadden by the arrogance of the same.

unfortunately am also in the middle of a Full Fucking work week
have many classes to teach
have not much mind to keep temper in check
have lost my fucked up brain sumwhere between my phone and the way to this lab....
have to be professional piss and bla

have become what the chinese call
a 'sat wan yu'..
a fish that has lost its head...
am so pissed can barely think straight
my fingers feel weak..
can barely type

i couldn't even remember the bitch of a password to my computer...
let alone the ass of a password to my email
and that to this blog... i can kill this blog!
if it were alive..

by some strange stroke off luck..
after neuron misfired a couple of times,
one neuron started working
wish that the neurons of others would work too.

have half a missing fucked brain to tell all.
some people have no brains...
they have a head.. but no brains...
maybe they have a lump of grey putty in their heads..
grey putty doesn't have no fuckign neurons...

hey grey putty...
let me ask you a question. if i wanted you to go to hell
do you think i would've wasted my breath on your lies?
i could've destroyed your life with one word.
now try to fire some of that grey putty there..
think... WHY did that word never cross my lips to the wrong person?

the shit's so fucked.
*wanders off in a shroud of crude expletives*

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