Wednesday, May 28, 2003

for all matrix fans

all you matrix maniacs cum tech wizards should check out the background here
that's one hardcore fan :)

WARNING! Cold Water Rude Awakening Part
rite... heard this yet?

makes me wonder if i should watch matrix first
OR Bruce almighty first... hmmmm...
yes yes.. to all matrix fans.. don't lamblast me yet..
i haven't had a chance to watch the show..
you know.. SARs, work commitments, Mr. Right isn't around yada yada.. make up your own excuses
BUT i will be going on a movie binge next week

on my list of movies to watch
Bruce almighty (at the top just to irk some muahahaha)
Matrix Reloaded
Finding Nemo
X-men 2 (yes yes.. haven't watched movies for a long spell)
the dunno what make him hate you in 10 days or what what (or perhaps in its place some other similarly suitable teenage junk movie)

currently listening to.. shania twain's latest album 'up'
very nice easy happy listening ;)

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