Wednesday, May 21, 2003


my hamster has passed away.
it was old and died peacefully in one of its favourite corners of the cage
we found it curled up next to its mushroom house and looking like it was sleeping

its a very cute brown and white long haired hamster
we bought it from a pet shop where it stood out amongst the others due to its hyperactivity
compared with most other hamsters it runs faster, longer and climbs around more
by the time we bought it from the shop it was already 6 months old (matured for a hamster)
and moved to a lesser cage (compared from the younger hamsters which are normally easier to sell off)

it never once bit anyone
it showed no agression at all
if it doesn't like what you're doing it plays dead
rather than snapping at your finger
perhaps the only naughty thing it did
was to try and get out of the cage when we opened it and eagerly jump into its hamster ball
(sometimes so eager he'd bump his head on landing in the ball)

we got the space cage for it from habitrail
every night it would run on its glow in the dark wheel
this morning the sound of the wheel whirling around was not there
and the hamster corner was unusually quiet
i had gotten used to having breakfast to the sound of its wheel spinning around

good bye dear hamster
you will be dearly missed
we will remember you
rest in peace
god bless

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