Tuesday, May 27, 2003

my hero

isn't he just the absolute picture of la'mour?
ok anyway.. the guy is married and stuck to his wife and kids.. so i'll stop dreaming

guess what i saw this morning?
my leetle eyes spied...
one of my colleagues..
a young nerdy but nice looking fella
coming to work..
in a hot red proton saga...
he got out of his car and out from the back seat came...
Gasp! a young looking girl...
she took over the driving..
b4 that she calmly adjusted his tie,
clipped on his tie clip for him
and gave him a sweet leetle kissy
Right outside the gates to our learned institution
awwww how chweet..

dunno.. maybe i'm super bored and anything..
even the slight wriggle of my toe can stimulate my mind
but i tot that was quite a sweet little scene
its nice to see that there's some True LURVE going on around me!
so far in the past month or so,
i've only seen:
slutty love
shag me love
i need help so let's have a one night stand love
you've got something i want (e.g. promotion) love
and various other deviations and derivatives of horny love

so its nice to see some TRUE LUURVE around me for a change
(other than my love for darling Of course! ;)

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