Wednesday, June 11, 2003

hit by a strong wave of post lunch sleepiness

yes.. i am a bum..
i get post breakfast laze... if i wake up for breakfast at all..
i get post lunch sleepiness..
i have post tea drowsy syndrome
and post dinner reduced movement abilities
my friend told me.. join the club :D

This is my current craze at the moment..
i'd sure like to learn how to play this
looks damn cool in the kungfu movies...
not to mention usually only beautiful women play it in the chinese period dramas...
maybe when i strike it rich...
i might also get a maid.. you know the lady in waiting who stands quietly behind the person playing..
always listening in absolute rapture..
gives a nice dainty clap after each song...
yeah... i was born in the wrong era.. shuda been born in the ming dynasty or sumthing!

a sumthing stung me!
its a sumting cos i couldn't see what it was..
it just stung me and scuttled/flew/hurried away before i could see what it was..
damn thing had a pretty powerful sting!
it made a hole in my palm about the size of this . dot
then i had a swell about half a cm across
this sting hurt like @#%@#$@#%@@$$#@ fucks
and the swell became pure white in color..
and after the pain subsided.. the swell turned black!!!!!
yes... black.. you know like in the kungfu movies.. when you get poisoned the wound turns black..

ok.. so it was a tiny weeny eency teeny thing ... i oso thought so...
then the next day... while showering..
i discovered that there was a black patch about an inch and a half wide where i got stung..
damn thing!
its four days now and the sting itches like nobody's business
shitty bugathingy thingy!

darling is currently receeding into a wave of what he calls 'me-time'
we, normal people, call it antisocial behaviour
so now who's going to kiss my sting and mwake it bwetter? *pouts*

recently i've been having a spate of dreams of my old friends..
i dreamt of a real joker i once knew..
when i woke up i simply had to... just HAD to.. go online and find him..
i did and he's been great.. albeit having a messed up love life..
he doesn't want to be with her, she doesn't want to leave, he spots a girl in the marketing department...

i also dreamt of a real handsome cutie from my school..
in my dream i was dating him..
he was such a perfect gentleman
when i woke up
i went straight back to sleep!

*having a moment of peace in office as students are terror stricken in exam hall*
MUAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHA *thunder and lightning... and MORE thunder and lightning*

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