Sunday, July 13, 2003


dunno wut to say liao la...
one has done:
a boob job
a soft porn shoot
added one year to her real age
worn colored lenses and passed the color off as her own
turned basically into your basic sex craved nympho without brains

another one:
looks up to the one above
done a couple of abortions
has had mucho mucho affairs and blamed it on her (ex) boyfriend
(who would rather tie her down with chains in the toilet if it were legal)
is your basic sex nympho who won't use her brains

aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wut more to say la?

ok... should be positive...
had a couple of bitching complaining whiny entries liao

played SSX tricky with some frens today..
was nice..
especially when winning..
played chor tai ti....
was nice
especially when winning
had nice nasi lemak for lunch
was nice
especially cos it was cold outside today

ah dah has gone off to the casino to lose summore money...
even if he wins i still won't be happy cos he could have lost the money..

hey.. i'm a mega bitch.. wut can i say?
read more of my bitching?

ooooooo yeah...
new discovery in the Chi planet..
the fantastico game known as...

for the uninitiated..
or the ones who have been living under a rock..
or who are not particularly 'UpDay'.. like me..
its a game where you try to guess a word ur teamate is holding
ur teamate is not allowed to say the word and also not allowed to use any of the words on the list that is related to that word ur guessing at..

wah fun loh...
very funny loh...
the girls trashed the guys at it loh...
the boys named their team club testicles..
which once again proves that guys think with their balls loh...

Nuff said

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