Tuesday, July 15, 2003

wut did i do? wut deeeed i doooo?

indeed.. good question...

hmm.... lemme dig deep within the cobwebs of my empty head...

i kena conned -__-
the uni told me that registration starts yesterday..
i went to register..
and there were little unmanned booths..
there was a receptionist..
there were many posters..
and they gave me an orientation timetable..
and they told me..
the actual registration is next week
*grumbles grumbles grumbles*

okies.. so that was a leetle bug in my day

so then me and dah.. we skipped along home

after that we fed ourselves to some food with some frens in a little restaurant..
i had briyani rice which was loaded with spices..
jet lag hit home..
i puked it all up :P
BUT the lamb curry was mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm yumm yumm
even tho it all ended up as regurgitation

and then the 5 of us good frens we held hands and skipped along home

back home the action began..

out came the uno deck..
the girls won and waited a looong looong while for the boys to finish

On came the Ps2...
SSX tricky
the boys joined us

out came the Risk game
we all got stressed by dah...
he was turning into president bush before my eyes
he won

out comes the uno deck again
for some de-stressing game
it was dubbed *peace and love* time

out came the eye bags and yawns
a glance at the clock...
5 am...

hmm.. anyone up for McD's breakfast?

on came the Ps2 again..
SSX tricky
s-s-s-super combo

6 am..
at McD's yummy yummy breakfast
That stayed Down!

yakitty yakitty yakitty yak away...
10 am
we all skipped on home
10.01 am

what a nice nice night

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