Thursday, October 16, 2003


as you ppls may have noticed..
this wumun suddenly had a blogging spree
spewing out words as fast as he little fingers could type

and today...
the spree ended

you may ask
yes.. that mean you can ask

she injured her hands trying to open her precious bovril bottle
for you ineducated absolute tasteless ppl out there
who don't know what bovril is..
its the absolute best food on the entire universe...
no.. cannot even compare with my specialty choc cake
and that's all you need to know

the cap got stuck
and yesterday i injured my left hand as i used that to open the bottle
today i injured my right hand as i used that to open the bottle
usually.. if the cap gets stuck.. i ask the strong men to open for me you see...
but my strong fella has nicely gone off to rural posting
in case you all didn't notice already

so anyway..
here's to hoping my hands will be ok tomoro
but i doubt it as my miracle cure is kind of lacking :P

you who knows about it
you better come and give me my cure soon!! ;)

in the mean time
those of you too kepoh ones...
entertain yourselves by looking at this

an interesting intellectual point to note
it seems that obesity linked deaths in children is increasing in the US

can you imagine?
the kids literally drop dead from probs like enlarged heart, lung probs etc etc
that occured because they are too fat...

v sad to see and hear :P

and that oso doesn't mean that you skinny fellas out there
who think you are too fat should go on a diet ok!!

ok.. that didn't come out quite rite...
but i dun really care
as long as u get the msg which is
too fat
too thin
oso cannot

aiyaa.. hand pain liao
and thanks to certain med ppls
i dun like to see the doctor liao

so ciaos for the moment


i will be back.....

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