Thursday, October 16, 2003

waking up

just woke up...

have to wake up n do homework

body refuses to move

and you mart ppl out there may ask
then how come you're blogging

my computer is rite next to my bed
it's set up so i can use it in bed too

mata (eyes) still dun wan to co-operate and buka (open) properly

have an interesting annecdote
my housemate has a terrible habit of flipping channels
so yesterday i caught bits and pieces of many shows

amongst them was mile high
which is a british show
about the air stewardesses and stewards of some fake british airline

the plot?
let's say its some writer's fantasies about them la

so yesterday
there was a whore on the flight
she went to the toilet
and dressed up
in tight revealing red leather clothes
got out her whip
nurses cap
waited in the toilet

so when the guys went to toilet to pee
she asks cash or credit card
and you pervs can imagine the rest la

apart from unintentionally stimulating certain members of the audience out there
what is the point?

it just made me think of one of the flights i took
it was on an european airline
the stewards were so so
but the stewardesses?
whasai... v chun lor

i got an exit aisle seat
and in front of my seat was this door..
i know not where it led

but i know this
one stewardess would go thru the door
and like half a minute later will be followed by a steward
and they come out together..

but there was one steward...
two girls got in before he did...

at first i gave them the benefit of the doubt..
on the job..
shud be professional mah... rite?
and after i see this stupid mile high show...
oh dear...

if i fly on that airline again...
i'm gonna feel a tad bit uncomfortable :P

ok.. so the annecdote is not funny
i just woke up
gimme a break
my eyes won't even open properly!

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