Wednesday, December 10, 2003

a postulation

it struck me before
but i couldn't put it into words
then yesterday
mulling over it again
i managed to put it into words that make sense
rather than a general understanding
so here goes
this is my newest theory on the girls and the boys

in a relationship,
whenever they have to consider a decision or anything at all

girls generally think about their partners first
their partners and how they are affected are first priority
if it adversely affects them,
then forget it, no go
nah uh
too da loo

boys generally Consider about their partners amongst other things
if their partners are affected adversely,
But there is another consideration that is not
and that consideration is more important (in their priorities) than their partner
then it is still go
all the way
don't care what you say

so there you see
in girls life
the partner is top priority in decision making
in boys life
partner is second rated to other stuff

boys = mean cowy bastards without balls?

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