Sunday, February 01, 2004


fat crab: hey do you want to play football on XX night?
me: eh? how come so nice ask me to play wan?
fat crab: ooh.. cos spoilt brat's girlfriend wants to play and she will play
if there is another girl playing
me: (thoughts) HOR! other ppl gf play you ask me to play la!
when i want to play you tell me stay away la!
(spoken) oh... mmm.. well...
fat crab: come la.. seriously wan...
me: well... ok la.. dun wan other ppl to have fight with their gf
afterwards :P so what time will you come to fetch me?
fat crab: oh.. can you go there by yourself?
me: how come? why can't you fetch me?
fat crab: well.. that night i'm going to a family dinner and i'm leaving
straight after that and i'll make it there just on time
me: but it only takes like 5 mins to fetch me anyway cos my house is on the way worr...
fat crab: but its a waste of time to fetch you. i will lose that 5 mins of play!!

me: 0.0

of course that fat crab will be playing football by himself
AND he can also play his other kinds of balls for a few weeks ALL BY HIMSELF!

waste of time indeed!
*walks off in a huff!*

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