Wednesday, March 03, 2004

using words

i've come to realise
that i don't really use the words i develop that much

so come..
let me change this baaaad habit of mine
and start using the nice words that i've developed

let's see..
the last word i developed..

oh.. how appropriate
just the word for the day
but before we begin..
let me modify this word
i think i want to change its spelling
*drum rolls*

dramatic flourish
*unveils new spelling*

why this new spelling?
i think it
1) looks better
2) feels better
3) is more effective

you know...
its kind of hard to drag out the last syllable with a u behind it...
so with the double oo's
you can do that much more effectively..
see the diff?

so anyways...
i'm alone at home for the moment
and my sharp lil ears keep hearing odd noises...
so pukichoo i tell you
i keep getting this feeling that someone is home
but there is no one home!
damn pukichoo man...
i keep feeling that someone is sneaking up on me :P
nbow is that pukichoo or what?

would like to dwell longer on these
strange noises and pukichoo somemore
but... ppl here damn bz bz
ppl here got to go for class
and i've 10 mins to get there
and not even changed...

or.. brushed my hair yet

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