Monday, November 08, 2004

mah baby

mah baby takes the morning train
he works from nine to five
and then
he comes home and gives all his money to spend
my dreams...
so simple

so everyone knows about the cutest baby on earth..
ok.. second cutest baby..
the butest baby aint' born yet..
its my baby gonna be the cutest on earth..
when i decide i can stand having one..

so.. this other baby..
ok la..
currently the cutest one on earth..
so.. he's a real mama's boy i hear
he gives hints to his daddy to buy his mama tifanys and such
what a clever little boy no?

if you do not know what baby i'm talking about..
obviously u haven Not been a loyal fan of mine..
naughty naughty..
tsk tsk tsk
you deserve to be left out of the loop
so keep wondering what baby this is..
you deserve a spanking with a lollipop made of thorns

so anyway this baby
when the proud daddy told the world about this incident
i asked if i could borrow the baby
you know..
mah fingers a bit light
ain't got nothing on them but skin n bones and some wrinkles
need a little..
bling bling ;)

course.. i was kidding..
how can one borrow a baby..
what a ridiculous thing anyway

so the daddy told me
make one of my own!

how ingenious..
now if i can con dah...
*evil wicked smile*

but the only problem is..
i dun wan a baby at the moment..
the pictures dah showed me are very scary
i wan the baby
but dun wan the risks and the grossness
dun geddit?
i'm also kind of confused myself :P

so anyway...
make one of my own..
who wants to make a baby with me?
hands up

but too bad
i dun wan a baby even with the most handsomest dah on earth at the moment
i do want them some day
but not now
so too bad

dear me..
i did ask a really possibly dangerous and suggestive question didn't i?
i think i tend to do that..
say weird as things..
if u din't know that already
u weren't a loyal fan
now bend over to get your spanking...

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