Sunday, November 07, 2004


ah thunk ah ate too mutch
ah feel like throwing up
but man...
that food was
all good

all good
plus the blueberries..
the blueberries.....
me and the chef man..
we polished off a whole punnet
i wish i polished it off myself though...
i want more blueberries!
never fear...
the blueberries are near..
(hey that rhymes!)
i have another punnet hiding in the seFcreRt loIcaDtiGnE

but man...
ah sure feel so full
ah feel so sick man...

the other thing that makes me sick?
those manipulative too-good-for-you-sons-of-bitches-who-leave-you-eating dirt-when-they are-done-with-you-and-don't-need-you-anymore-who-call-themselves-friends-who-think-they-understand-respect-and-abuse-other's-trust-in-them assholes
but never fear..
revenge is a dish best served cold
and i always liked to watch the part of the show where the bad guys fuck up and the good guys are redeemed without the good guys having to do anything bad

so i'm full now
sitting back
kicking up my stiletto heels
and watching the good show
my 'friend'
i'm just waiting for your turn to be caught out
its called karma
and don't say i didn't warn you
you were just too arrogant to listen
your pride blinded you
and pride..
can be a very expensive thing

waiting for the final fireworks
on a full tummy
with a punnet of blueberries
this should be good
damn good

*thunder and lightning and a fireworks filled sky*

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