Saturday, December 11, 2004

of gentle alpacas and idiot humans

we went to a place of rolling farmlands
which we nearly literally rolled down

the 3 sheep and 5 alpacas roamed free
within the borders of their large fenced up area which includes forest area

the 2 large woolly sheepdogs and the 17 yr old mongrel guarded
whence i had a little adventure of sorts

the ranch had a wood fireplace
and a SPA BATH


and then i came home to an idiot human
with whom i just totally lost it
and actually yelled at him

whom left me cleaning to do after his 'cleaning'
whom caused me to have to throw out my lovely mangoes
whom threw out my soup chicken and then dug it out of the bin to chuck it back into the freezer
whom tried to cover up for this by telling me he put it in the sink with the ice he left there to defrost
when i saw the moment i came home the sink had lots of dirty cups and..
well.. dirty cups only
after he had admitted to me he had thrown out my chicken
the audacity.

and now,
he won't even bother to make himself available to help us move the things in the house
bought by a nice young gentlemen
because, and i quote "i have to go play magic"
the conclusion he came to is that he will see if he can come back to help us
my conclusion,
i will see a lot of shouting tomorrow

i think it just past the time i lost it with him
do you think not?

but anyway,
i don't care about him anymore
not like i cared in the first place
and i'm thinking of that beautiful bath and the bath bomb that i must ABSOLUTELY share with y'all

and the bath bomb i'm absolutely going to have AGAIN

everyone should stay on a farm at least once in their lives
yeah baby ;)

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