Saturday, December 11, 2004

walking the brit

so the brit in me is out and about
i realised it today after it has been running freely for the last few days

today i yelled at the supid horrendous bugger again
because NOT ONLY did he have the audacity to come home at one and say (i.e. complain)
"i nicely arranged everything nicely already then now it is at three"
"arranged everything" = his stupid magic game
"it" = helping to move the things in the house
1) he was 10 minutes late
2) everyone else was awake and about even before 1 preparing the things
3) my friend had come half an hour early to help out without complaining
4) by the time he came home, everything was done except the moving part
5) we were not moving the things until the truck came
6) the truck said it would come after 1 so be ready by then
7) the truck drivers only told us at 1 that they came only come at 3

and then he left the house again
and did NOT return to help with the moving

1) we live on the highest floor in this apartment (4 flights of stairs to navigate)
2) we do not have an elevator in this apartment
3) all things to be moved were extremely heavy and belonged to everyone in the house
4) everyone means including that asshole
5) my friend helped us move until he was red in the face and did not complain

suffice to say, when i came home he felt the rage

and now my brit would also like to say in an unrelated matter
some people are so petty and horrible
i doubt that many people would really care if they stopped caring about them
and then again some people say one thing and do another
cannot put their differences aside
well then, don't watch and don't play, there's always the radio

(now i'm laughing to myself)
(i had a few glasses of the ol' vino earlier)
(man, i love my brit)
(man, i love to let my brit walk)

i suppose no one understood the last 2 paras
who cares,
i am amused
i am tickled
i am glad


anyways the moral of the story is,
the right ones can never be wronged for too long
and the show has just begun

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