Sunday, December 12, 2004

only the guilty

some people do naughty things
and some people think other people don't see them doing those naughty things
but then they get caught out

then Conscience starts spinning around and doing its work
people who do naughty things
get nasty feelings

such as Guilt

sometimes the other people
don't mention those naughty things they saw those naughty people doing
and then the naughty people think they got away with it

sometimes the other people
mention those naughty things the naughty people did
but they don't mention Who the naughty people are

then the naughty people hear about
and recognise or think they recognise that that naughty person
is actually Themselves

and then they feel Caught Out
and then they feel Guilt

whether or not the original naughty people
that the other people talking about was them or not
does not matter

the fact is if you did something naughty
and you get caught out
or think you got caught out

then you are a naughty person

only the naughty
recognise themselves in the naughty stories without names

only the naughty
feel the guilt

and if they don't feel the guilt
at least they feel scared that other people will know what naughty people they are

so have you been naughty lately?

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