Saturday, December 11, 2004

the wit

here are some of the things some of us have discussed over a cuppa in the past

"James Bone - license to fill"
starring Pierce Brosnan
alternatively starring Pierce Bruiseman
used to star Sean Cunnery or Seen Cummery
also used to star Roger More! or Roger Nomore!

(needless to say, i can never see Pierce Brosnan's name in the same light ever)
(sorry guys, i love mr brosnan and dear mr sean, both of you guys are on my all time greats list but well, some people are perverted;)

"T.W.A.T team 69" (original work in progress)
this is a story about a Special Weapons Assault Training team
named T.W.A.T team 69
lead by Commander Tai Hai
with Reporting Drill Sargent Sai Lan

all this developed by doctors and an animator
needless to say
we are all fucked

and i haven't even talked about the rod of the rings yet...

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