Thursday, November 07, 2002

ok.. while waiting for my vegetables to steam themselves let me tell u all about the day...

the day was very bright.... VERY VERY bright
it was also hot,... VERY VERY hot
it was also stuffy..... erm... rather stuffy.....
it passed by rather quickly i must say,

it was so bright that i managed to shower in the sunlight today (sunlight coming through the window) and it actually made my shower stuff (soap shampoo etc) heat up! never happened here before :P was quite a shock... just to show how hot it got!

the day for some other people was not that great, some of the first year medical students had a maths exam today, some found it good... others just managed to survive... needless to say, the fellow who came to the room in the middle of the night to borrow my book, and who now prays at my 'saviour' feet, being one of the latter.

OOH!! vege ready :) ok... tis the book and me dinner me matesies ;)

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