Saturday, October 30, 2004

bz cold

dah said last nite to me...
dear i think you are overworking..
how sweet of him to be concerned no?

but he is right,
i have been working 7 days a week..
i tell you..
one day,
my obsession with doing my best at work will give me varicose veins..
jeez mama

never mind,
soon enough,
my students will have their exams
and then finish off their classes..
and i shall be free again!
well.. ok
relatively free...
still got that other job...

so in other news,
i got a full time job..
ready to start in january/end december
heh heh heh
so those of you who now where i'm going..
i'll see you soon!!

(i'm not telling where i'm going at this moment
as it will soon be apparent
and i also do not want certain malicious parties
who read this blog (but pretend not to)
and then rush off to carry tales
to know where i'm going
so ppls who know, pls exercise some discretion ya?
i will see you guys soon anyways! ;)

the sweetest response i got to this news so far
one of my friends was not happy he would not get to see me
"oh! so i guess you would not be coming back la :("
how sweet is that..
but i did tell him he was wrong,
that i would see him at the end of the year for my holiday at home

it sure beats nice housemate's reaction..
"good" (returns to watch tv)
med students...
i tell you...
they think the world owes them a job
wait till the day..
just wait as more countries become like the US..
just wait...
*rolls eyes*

in other news..
i have a seriously bumming cold
and i got a pimple on the side of my nose to boot


Priscilla said...

aye aye i won't tell, my lips are sealed :)
we'll talk more online!

by the way, ive got a pimple on the side of my nose too! how coincidental..rather annoying actually.

Kate said...

thanks thanks..
if siah can get his buildings rite.. haha

pimples..totally annoying.
nose pimples... the worst kind :P

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