Saturday, November 06, 2004

a leadership style?

have been part of small teams before
have also been part of large teams before
have led a team of 150 people before
have also led a team as small as 4 people before
together my teams move mountains
shake pineapple trees
grind coffee
(i make tea cos i dun take coffee)
dance the luau (issit spelt like that?)
and move mountains
make seas part
did i mention move mountains?

to all my teams before
thank you for your dedication

i am always amazed by my teams
they are dedicated,work hard, play hard
and the thing they tell me is best about being onboard my teams
no politicking allowed
so that they can be themselves

i quote one fellow once saying to me
"i really enjoyed this, because for once in a long time i didn't feel like i had to wear a mask,
that i could be myself"

ok.. i exagerated
on the no politicking..
i should be more specific
there is no politicking allowed on my team
no politicking with me
any attempt will be met with dour and serious contempt
but there is always politicking from the people above me that i cannot control
but that dude really did tell me that

there is only one other rule
when i want something i wanted it yesterday
and do not cross me

very simple one other rule no?

i'm not that autocratic la..
but i believe my teams always know
when i want something
and i ask someone for something
its because i know they can provide
so they'd better perform
and perform they do

its like, if i tell them do xyz and they try to tell me they cannot do xyz for some reason to do with the size of the big blue sky
i will tell them not to give me this shit, i know you can do it, now hop to

but then again, they also perform because they know i will back them up
if they fail
and its for some reasonable reason rather than an inexcusably unamusing excuse,
i will back them up
i have been known to be running like a headless scarecrow around with team members trying to fix problems
if they fail
and its for a terribly unamusing story that goes like... my mother my father and the big blue sky..
they know i will still fix the problem
but they will get alot of shit from me before, during and after
i will not be a happy person
and you do not want to see me unhappy
believe me, you do not
of course, if the story is amusing,
they might get a smile from me as they tell the story and then they get shit before during and after

i believe most people who worked with me before have a certain amount of respect for me
they know i can and do complete the projects even if they seem very ambitious at first
they know that i am terribly fair
no one is overworked more than the other
no one is underworked less than the other
they know that i give credit to them where credit is due
if they have burnt their backs off for the project
i will report to the superiors that they burnt their backs off for the project
unlike other leaders who will say that they were the ones who burnt their backs off and those lazy sons of bitches team members never did nada

maybe it sounds terribly arrogant of me to say all this
as if i were the best leader in the world
i'm not saying i am
i'm just saying in some ways, i lead better than many other people,
of couse i've still got somethings to learn about this whole business
but this is what i found that i want
and this is what i found that works
and of course through it all, we have fun
maybe my teams call me a bitch now and then
but we do have fun and hey,
sometimes it takes a bitch to make things move no?
and at the end of it all,
i can only remember us, as a team having lots of fun
and being very proud of our finished products
and i believe those who have worked with me before will concur no?

when a leader (at any capacity even if it is just a small time kucirat leader) says something
the follower must have the respect and knowledge that it must be done regardless
otherwise, the leader will end up bullied
and the follower will do nothing
and the project will not happen very well

as for the do not cross me thing...
like the old man Trump said
and i believe my teams have seen this
"when someone betrays you, you cut them off, and never give a betrayer a second chance"

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